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You will find many massage centers in Thamel. If you go there you will know that you get to have sex there. It's very easy as you reach. When they see you uncomfortable to talk then they know that you've come to have sex. They will offer you a massage and will also tell that you can get to have that stuff too. At first I was surprised to know that.
There were just 5/6 girls in a room. Most of them were uniformed. They had put on an apron. One of the girl was in a reception. As I entered in the room, I felt shy and immediately came out of the room. The girl in the reception knew and she came out and she said please come in. Me and my friend asked about the services available there. She said that you can get a massage. My friend asked, "And that stuff?" She replied immediately, "yes that too". Please come in.

We didn't enter in the room, we asked for the price. She said that its NRs. 1500/- per person which is about $15 dollars per person. Then we said, no we've heard that its cheaper than that then she added, "No. Sorry. That's the fixed rate.". We insisted to lower the price and then she did lower the price to Rs. 800 ($8) after few minutes bargain.

Then we entered in the room after discussing the price. There were girls sitting in the sofa in the room. She, the girl in the reception asked for the money and I paid. After paying she said me to go to a room. The room was cool and neat, better than expected. Then she sent a girl. She was a bit fat.

She asked me to take off the pant. I did. She was looking at my underwear and when I had taken off the pant. Then she said, "How can you have sex by putting on the underwear? Please take that off too." I did. All this time as I was taking off she was waiting to see my penis. Then in a while she grabbed my penis. Started to shake it. As she was shaking it her beautiful white boobs top view was being seen. I slowly touched her boobs. She was okay with that. In no time I took one of her boobs out.

It was very white and soft. I was just enjoying touching it. I squeezed her boobs and the nipples just as they do in the movies. It was fun. In a while my penis was full erect. She tore the packet of the condom and wrapped it over my penis. Again she shook it for a while. Then she lied on the bed took her pants off. She then said me to enter into her. :D

Before I put my penis in, I just kept on staring at her vagina for a while. I put my hand on her ass and slowly tried to put my penis in. As I entered she made a sound and said, "how fucking big?" She had a bad mouth, all the time she spoke so bad words which I may never listen from any other girl. She used to tell the short events with other guys, all of a sudden. After few minutes, I took a break.

She then asked if I was done or not? I said no. In a while we again continued. This time I went on a bit faster. After about 10 minutes she said, "I think you already have cum." I said no. She grabbed my penis took it out and observed and said, "why the fuck is it taking so long". I said , "It will take long." She asked, "How long? An hour or even more than that?" I said no, about half and hour. She was shocked to hear that.

She was just telling me so many things swearing a lot. I didn't replied most of the times. "I fuck so many boys but that bitch never gives me enough money. Always keeps a lot with herself. That bitch.", she said. And many more about that receptionist.

After a while she cum. She said me to stop. She then wiped her vagina with a towel on the bed. After a while she said me to try doggy style. My penis didn't enter in the vagina as she was lying. She lifted her right leg then my penis entered. I was surprised. Then I went fast. Real fast. I can't tell you how fun it was doing the doggy style. She was talking so much all the time. She used to tell why it was talking so long. I said her, "Please shut up." The she said, "Ok. Now I won't speak."

Then after about 10 minutes I had an orgasm. That ended quite strongly. She was just screaming her last five minutes. My body was covered with sweat. In a while I took my penis out. She grabbed my penis and slowly took the condom off and wiped off my penis with the napkin. I got dressed immediately. I didn't care what happened inside the room then.

I came out of the room and immediately asked my friend who was just waiting outside for me to leave. Then we left. He said, "Fucker, how the fuck did it take 40 minutes. Bitch you have a long story to tell now. Tell me all the details you fucker."

I explained every details as we were on the way.

Now you might think, why my friend didn't have sex even after going there. Actually he always has very quick orgasm. He said me that I can't last even for two minutes.

Sex with a student | Teacher | Young Girl | Hot Student | Big Boobs

Yesterday when I was with my student, a pretty little girl of age 16 teaching mathematics, she slowly got her hands towards me. I ignored and continued teaching her. She was sitting on a sofa next to me. She always tried to get me a good view of her boobs as she bent to look at the notebook. She seemed to love the feeling whenever I mistakenly touch her hands or fingers when I was explaining.

Once, I didn't realize that she had her boobs so close to my hands. Unknowingly I poked her boobs by the pen. She said 'aaah'. I knew that it wasn't a hard press but she made a sound as she had been poked real hard. She pretended. She put her hands on her boobs and made a face as if it paining. I said her not to joke and also said that I knew that I didn't hit her that bad.

She got angry as I said that to her and she suddenly said, you wanna see where you hit me... see here... and she started to undress. She took her T-shirt off. I almost pissed in my pants. I never had been that surprised. And then she started to unbutton her bra from the back. In a while she was topless. I was speechless. She grabbed my hand and took my hand to her boobs and made me touch her boobs. She said, this is where you hurt me. I was surprised. I said how can I help you now. She said, whenever I have a pain in my boobs, I make someone suck my boobs, that cures my pain. Surprisingly I said, I will try. I started to suck her boobs, she started to moan. I didn't realize when my hands were all over her body. I grabbed her ass and tried to insert my finger into her vagina from the back. Her pussy was wet. She already had her soft hands on my penis. She started to give me a blowjob. Well I can't tell you how wonderful the feeling was to get a blowjob. I never had a blowjob. When I had it, I was feeling like I'm already in a heaven. Suddenly I cum. A moment later when I was sucking her pussy, which made me feel real good. Then I inserted my cock into her vagina. She started to moan loudly. That sex lasted for about 19 minutes. That sex I must say is the best sex of my life.

FYI, she has texted me, "Please come soon. I want that hot cock real bad." Wow! Now I think I'm gonna have sex with her every single day. These are the best moments of my life. I wish you all guys best of luck. May you find a girl/boy soon to fuck as much as you want. My good wishes are always with you.