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Once a shemale walking on the way looks at me. At first I wasn't sure, either she is shemale or not. She looked really very hot. She came nearby me. I was staring at her hot boobs. She then knew that I am a lesbian. There were no one on the bridge. She looked at me and just kept staring for a long time. Then she asked, (funnily) "Do you wanna have fun?" I was confused. Then she said, then you mean yes. Ok, then please come with me. I was feeling very awkward. Her house was nearby the bridge. She took me in her room. We didn't talk a lot. She said me to lie on the bed, I am coming. Then she came out of the bathroom and sat nearby me. She looked very hot. She kept staring at me and meanwhile she kissed me. Then we started kissing. She then grabbed my boobs and press it really very hard. It was really heavenly pleasure. I also then pressed her boobs. Slowly she, unbuttoned my shirt and started to press my tight naked boobs. She had put on T-shirt, so while kissing I let my hand go through her T-shirt from the below part of it. Then started to press it. We were really enjoying very much. I then, took my hand out of her breast and then touched her pants. I felt hard penis. I started to press it. She went very emotional. She took my pants off and also my bra off very quickly. We didn't stop kissing. She, then pulled my panties off too. I also took off her T-shirt. Took off her bra too and pulled her pants down. She herself took off her panties. I saw really huge penis. It looked hot and wet. She kissed my pussy and started to fuck me. I had never experienced such pleasure in my entire life. We fucked and fucked for very long time. She made me squirt more than three times but hadn't squirted. It was about an hour. After some time she was about to ejaculate. She continued fucking very rapidly. She went on increasing her fucking speed. She pressed my boobs by her hand and squirted into my pussy. Her cum was so much that, it came out off my pussy while she was squirting. We took rest for some time after squirting. She just after 10 minutes got her penis hard erected. I was really very tired and was sleeping without caring her penis. She lifted my ass up and started to fuck in doggy style. She again fucked and fucked. I squirted many times. After very long time he also then squirted and we again took rest. Again, after 15 minutes, she started fucking. In this way we fucked whole day. There was lot of cum all over my body. Both of us were very wet due to long time sex.

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