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Kathmandu, Kupondole - I am a news reporter and today I am going to tell you a true story. Nearby the bridge a unconcious naked body of a girl was lying which was ventrally turned downwards and was lying nearby the bushes. Very few of the men were walking by so they couldn't see her. I wasn't sure if the body was dead or alive. I was hiding nearby a tree. I wanted to know who is going to see her and help her if she was found alive. Few minutes later, a van came and two men came out of it and they dragged her into the van and she was taken. I followed the van by my bike. They took her into a room nearby which was nearby the river.
They woke her up. She was covered by a towel. I was peeing from the hole of their room and was trying to take some photographs but it was very difficult. They gave her a can of coke and asked her what actually had happened to her.

My only photoshot during sex
Then she said, "I was returning from my college. Few men came nearby me and they covered my nose by their hankies and I went unconcious. As I woke up, I was in a room and there were two boys nearby me. At first they threatened me telling that if I screamed than I will be shot by their gun. So I allowed them whatever they wanted to do to me. At first one of them went outside and one of them came nearby me and touched my boobs. He started to unbutton my shirt and was also touching my panties from the below of my skirt. Then he undressed me and started to suck my pussy. He then told me to undress him. I then took off his T-shirt and then slowly took off his pants. Then I was forced to open the panties too. I slowly pulled the panties down and saw a huge cock which had already grown very hard. Then he said me to rub his cock and then put into the mouth. I then started to suck his cock. It was my first experience. I'd never done that before. He then tried to penetrate my pussy by his huge cock. It was very difficult for me to let it in. Then meanwhile he succeded. As he started to fuck me than I didn't felt any pain but enjoyed it. He then cummed into my pussy. Meanwhile another came and started to let me suck his hard cock. I also sucked his cock and he ejaculated into my mouth. Then started to kiss me, and after
some time he again asked me to suck his cock. Then he fucked  me and fucked me for very long time. I was only worried about the disease that may communicate into me. After some time, just by the end of the sex, there was knock at the door and one of them again covered my nose by his handkerchief and I don't remember any thing. Then, I am here woken up, infront of you two."

After hearing the whole story the two men, staring at her changed their mind and took her on the table, uncovered her. Cleaned her well by a wet clothes. And started to fuck her. I thought this time the girl may make some loud scream, but she didn't, she enjoyed the sex. Later on I went little far from that room and was staring at the door. Very soon, the two men came out. They gave her, a dry shirt and their pants. She came out dressed. The girl was smiling and asking if they would drive her to Kalanki. Both of them agreed and she got into the car.
This is the one of the most amazing story that I've ever seen and observed.