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With a Muslim Indian Tour Guide
A Muslim tour guide takes the tourist (girl) to many places. They come to visit Nepal. They visit different mountains, lakes, falls, museums, etc. After the whole day climb to the mountain the tourist tries to seduce the Muslim Indian. She requests tourist to stay in a hotel in a room. Muslim Indian says, okay when she insists for very long time.

Both of them stay in the same room, they decide about the next days tour. They talk for very long time. Due to long time upward hill climb, both of them are tired, so the Muslim Indian goes to bed and falls asleep very quickly. But the tourist was willing to have sex with the Indian. So she lies nearby the Indian in a bed and tries to seduce the guide. She touches chest, stomach, lower parts, . . . . She than reach to the penis. She feels the erected penis of the guide. But the guide doesn't response. She tha
n start to touch and rub the penis out of the pant. The penis gets harder and harder. She than inserts her hand into his pant and grabs the penis. This feel wakes the guide. He stops snoring. But eyes are still closed. She than slowly takes off the pant. The guide than raises his hand toward to the tourist and she also allow the man to grab his boobs. The guide than grabs the hard boobs and start rubbing it. The girl takes the panties off.

The guide also takes her clothes off, unbuttons her pants and takes off the pantie. The guide starts fingering. The girl enjoys that very much. She suddenly sucks the guides cock. The guide opens his eyes and in strong emotion he allows her to do so. He also starts fingering very quickly. She squirts in the bed. The guide than gets up and start to fuck the girl in different styles. She enjoys the whole night sex very much. Early in the morning they wake up and and have sex. They, then start their visit to their decided (planned) places.

Nepali 16 years Shemale | Gets Naked | To Earn Money | In Thamel

Yesterday, in Thamel, Nepal one of 16 years old teen comes into a bar and tells the manager that she want to work as sex worker there for money. She than gets naked in the media for her popularity. She tells that, she can enjoy sex with boy or girl. She tells herself a virgin and tells that she is only 16 years old. The manager of the bar tells that, if will you entertain me by your sex work than I will keep you in my bar. Then, she says okay. She gives a rocking sex to the manager and looses her virginity with the manager. She entertains the manger very much. Manager gets satisfied and asks, what will you do if your parents will know that you are working as a sex worker in Thamel in this bar? She says, "I don't know who my parents are, I've been adopted. The one who adopted me, threw me out off his house a week ago for almost no reason. He said that, I tried to seduce his young son all the time. But I'd never done so. It was actually plan of her wife to get me out of the house by poisoning him against me."

Sex with best friend | Awkward sex | Girls Story | before dad and mom reach home

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I walked into my room and saw my friend already there. I asked him, when did you come? He said just now. He said that, I've found this book in your room. I asked, which one is that? He said me that it is a porn story book. I was surprised. I said, it is impossible. He said, but I've found it in your room. I felt awkward. I said, oh yeah, one of my friend might have forget that here but I hadn't seen that anywhere. He said, but look at it, I found it. I felt really very awkward. He was lying on my bed. I also sat on the bed. He asked me, do you wanna hear a story from this book? I said okay. He than started to tell me from the mid part of the story. He said that, "I'd fucked her twice but she is still not satisfied. Then I used my hand to cum her. I started to rub her pussy by my hand for a long time very quickly. Then she was about to squirt. Then I put my penis in, started to fuck her in very quick motion and than she squirted on my cock."

I said, okay now stop that. I don't wanna hear it any more. Then he showed me a picture. It was really very hot, sexy picture.
Shemale and Boy (extra)
I tried to resist myself but he touched my boobs. I went nervous. I said, okay than, we have to make it quick, mom and dad will be home soon. I got up and closed the door. I started to kiss him. He unbuttoned my shirt and opened my bras. I took off his pants and started to rub his penis. It went wet. He then, took off my pants and panties. We were doing everything very quickly. We started to fuck. I was virgin. It was very painful in the beginning but later on it didn't hurt rather I started to enjoy it. His cock was hot and hard. It was really heavenly pleasure having sex with him. He took out his penis while squirting. As he took out whole cum was all over my body on my boobs. He wiped off his cum off my boobs. He soon dressed up and we again started to kiss. I also dressed up. Then I received a phone call from my dad. He said that both of them, my mom and dad will not come. I then requested him to stay in my room. We than, fucked whole time. More than 10 times. Early in the morning he woke up and fucked me and informed that he was leaving. I asked him, "will you come in my house to have sex when nobody is at home?" He said, yeah sure. He kissed me and left.

Lesbian's story | Fucked whole day | With Shemale | T-Girl

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Once a shemale walking on the way looks at me. At first I wasn't sure, either she is shemale or not. She looked really very hot. She came nearby me. I was staring at her hot boobs. She then knew that I am a lesbian. There were no one on the bridge. She looked at me and just kept staring for a long time. Then she asked, (funnily) "Do you wanna have fun?" I was confused. Then she said, then you mean yes. Ok, then please come with me. I was feeling very awkward. Her house was nearby the bridge. She took me in her room. We didn't talk a lot. She said me to lie on the bed, I am coming. Then she came out of the bathroom and sat nearby me. She looked very hot. She kept staring at me and meanwhile she kissed me. Then we started kissing. She then grabbed my boobs and press it really very hard. It was really heavenly pleasure. I also then pressed her boobs. Slowly she, unbuttoned my shirt and started to press my tight naked boobs. She had put on T-shirt, so while kissing I let my hand go through her T-shirt from the below part of it. Then started to press it. We were really enjoying very much. I then, took my hand out of her breast and then touched her pants. I felt hard penis. I started to press it. She went very emotional. She took my pants off and also my bra off very quickly. We didn't stop kissing. She, then pulled my panties off too. I also took off her T-shirt. Took off her bra too and pulled her pants down. She herself took off her panties. I saw really huge penis. It looked hot and wet. She kissed my pussy and started to fuck me. I had never experienced such pleasure in my entire life. We fucked and fucked for very long time. She made me squirt more than three times but hadn't squirted. It was about an hour. After some time she was about to ejaculate. She continued fucking very rapidly. She went on increasing her fucking speed. She pressed my boobs by her hand and squirted into my pussy. Her cum was so much that, it came out off my pussy while she was squirting. We took rest for some time after squirting. She just after 10 minutes got her penis hard erected. I was really very tired and was sleeping without caring her penis. She lifted my ass up and started to fuck in doggy style. She again fucked and fucked. I squirted many times. After very long time he also then squirted and we again took rest. Again, after 15 minutes, she started fucking. In this way we fucked whole day. There was lot of cum all over my body. Both of us were very wet due to long time sex.

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Whole family went wild. All of them are having sex.
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Have a look at a family sex pic. Mom is having sex with son and daughter with dad. They were caught by their neighbors hidden camera.
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Yesterday he called me in his room. After sometime, he was lying on a bedroom and looking at a book. Then I also lied down nearby him and asked his if his parents would return or not. Then he said no. I the slowly dragged the book away from his hand and lied upon him. My huge boobs were pressed by his chest. I felt really very good. Then he stared at me for some time, without speaking a single word. Then we started kissing. He started to press my boobs by his hand. Then he took of my t-shirt and bra. I also took off his pants and panties and started sucking. It was really very hard cock. I than took off my pants very quickly and very quickly inserted it into my pussy. I felt as if I am experiencing hea
venly pleasure. Then he started fucking me. Just within a minute he squirted into my pussy. We took rest for 5 or 6 minutes and then again started to fuck. This time we had very long sex. Then, the whole day we had sex. He than promised me that he would call me every Sunday and Friday to have sex. I then returned home.

Kathmandu | Sex News | Naked Body found nearby a river | Most amazing sex story | Today News

Kathmandu, Kupondole - I am a news reporter and today I am going to tell you a true story. Nearby the bridge a unconcious naked body of a girl was lying which was ventrally turned downwards and was lying nearby the bushes. Very few of the men were walking by so they couldn't see her. I wasn't sure if the body was dead or alive. I was hiding nearby a tree. I wanted to know who is going to see her and help her if she was found alive. Few minutes later, a van came and two men came out of it and they dragged her into the van and she was taken. I followed the van by my bike. They took her into a room nearby which was nearby the river.
They woke her up. She was covered by a towel. I was peeing from the hole of their room and was trying to take some photographs but it was very difficult. They gave her a can of coke and asked her what actually had happened to her.

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Then she said, "I was returning from my college. Few men came nearby me and they covered my nose by their hankies and I went unconcious. As I woke up, I was in a room and there were two boys nearby me. At first they threatened me telling that if I screamed than I will be shot by their gun. So I allowed them whatever they wanted to do to me. At first one of them went outside and one of them came nearby me and touched my boobs. He started to unbutton my shirt and was also touching my panties from the below of my skirt. Then he undressed me and started to suck my pussy. He then told me to undress him. I then took off his T-shirt and then slowly took off his pants. Then I was forced to open the panties too. I slowly pulled the panties down and saw a huge cock which had already grown very hard. Then he said me to rub his cock and then put into the mouth. I then started to suck his cock. It was my first experience. I'd never done that before. He then tried to penetrate my pussy by his huge cock. It was very difficult for me to let it in. Then meanwhile he succeded. As he started to fuck me than I didn't felt any pain but enjoyed it. He then cummed into my pussy. Meanwhile another came and started to let me suck his hard cock. I also sucked his cock and he ejaculated into my mouth. Then started to kiss me, and after
some time he again asked me to suck his cock. Then he fucked  me and fucked me for very long time. I was only worried about the disease that may communicate into me. After some time, just by the end of the sex, there was knock at the door and one of them again covered my nose by his handkerchief and I don't remember any thing. Then, I am here woken up, infront of you two."

After hearing the whole story the two men, staring at her changed their mind and took her on the table, uncovered her. Cleaned her well by a wet clothes. And started to fuck her. I thought this time the girl may make some loud scream, but she didn't, she enjoyed the sex. Later on I went little far from that room and was staring at the door. Very soon, the two men came out. They gave her, a dry shirt and their pants. She came out dressed. The girl was smiling and asking if they would drive her to Kalanki. Both of them agreed and she got into the car.
This is the one of the most amazing story that I've ever seen and observed.

Nepali village girl's self said story | Top sex story | 14 years girl | Sex in grass

Sucking cock in grassy field
I was only 14 years old when I had my first sex. I was wearing a skirt when I was cutting grass nearby a river. Suddenly, I saw a boy nearby me. He was about my age. Not more that 16. He slowly came nearby me and said that I had put on blue panties. It was silent environment. I asked "really?" and then I lifted up my skirt and looked. And slowly he asked do you want to see mine?? I said, Yes sure. Why not? Please show me. He said, not here. I asked, "then where are you going to show me your panties?"

He said, come into these long bushes and I will show you. I dragged my grass sack into the bushes, so that no one can know that here was a girl cutting grass. He said to me, if you want to see than take off my pants yourselves. Then I unbuttoned his pants and pulled the zipper and dragged his pants lower. There was something hard trying to penetrate his panties. I didn't care what to color was. I'd seen some porn movies in Pushpa's mobile. So, as in the movie I took off his panties. He had long penis. It was thick. I said him that, isn't this very long than others. He asked me, "Have you seen others dick also?". I said, "yeah, I've seen may man urinating nearby this river. I hide in the bush and look at their penis. Once a man came, took off his pants and didn't urinated but started to shake his penis. Slowly a fluid came out of his penis and he put on his pants and went away.

His penis was also not long and this is." Then he smiled and said, "I always use oils and rub it all the time and it remains erect for very long time so it is long and thick." Ohh, I said. and slowly touched his penis. I felt a hot and highly emotional penis. I slowly started to shake it. I then, pulled the outer skin of his penis and saw the head of the penis. I touched the wet head and as I touched a watery fluid came out of it. Then I put that penis into my mouth and started to suck it. He slowly lied down and lied on the bush. I was over him sucking his dick. Very soon he ejaculated. I asked, "isn't it very quick?" Then he slowly came upon me and grabbed my tits. Slowly he unbuttoned my shirts and started to shake my boobs. I was holding his penis. After some time he touched panty. I felt heaven. He than took it off and started fingering slowly. Then after some time he pulled me towards him and inserted his penis into my vagina. It was very difficult and painful. But I was enjoying it more than the pain. So I ignored the pain. He finally inserted his long penis into my vagina and we had wonderful sex. He ejaculated into my vagina. As he took out he penis out of my vagina I saw blood coming out of my pussy. The I realized that I've lost virginity and had bled while it was paining. We've planned to meet next day also.

World's top sex story | With stranger met at a party | Girl's sex story

A boy next to my chair in party wishpered in my ear, "your pussy looks wet". Then I tightly joined my legs and realized that I had not put on my panties. I'd drunk too much so couldn't control myself too much. So I asked "Do you wanna come into my room?" He said "Sure". But I don't remember everything that was hapenning in the party.
Nepali girl's room sex

Later on I found myself in my room my pussy being sucked. With a lots of emotions I ejaculated. Then he slowly put his penis into my pussy. It was really very wonderful. After sometime he squirted into my pussy. Then, he fell upon my bed by my side. After sometime I again wanted to have sex. But he was asleep. But as I started sucking his cock, slowly it got erection. I sucked so forcefully for long time that he cummed into my mouth and again tired and fell asleep. I then planned not to suck for a long time, so I after 20 minutes sucked his cock until it was erect. Then ride over him. I inserted his long penis into my pussy. And started to move my pussy up and down. It was about more than 10 minutes, I got tired. I slowed down. Then got up and started to suck my pussy and titties. He then put his long penis into my pussy and started to fuck hard. It was really wonderful to have sex for such long time and in such emotional way. I had never enjoyed such sex in my entire life. He fucked me for more than 35 mins and then squirted into my pussy. The cum was too much that it came out splashing from my pussy during his ejaculation. Both of us slept and woke up in the morning and again started to have sex. We ate breakfast and again started to have sex. We slept. When I woke up I found him sleeping but his cock into my pussy. It was really wonderful to have it into my pussy. I again started to suck his penis and had wonderful sex. In the evening we planned for our again meeting and then he went promising me to come back again next day. He has also promised me that he will spent all of his holiday fucking me. It was really fucking entertaining to fuck him. It was so beautiful sex that I couldn't stop myself to post my story in xxnepali.blogspot.com.

Some Nepali village girls from Jhapa | Whores from Nepal | Sexy Girls

Watch the Nepali girls. These teenager girls are from the eastern region of Nepal, Jhapa. These girls are also going wild and having too much fun with their friends. They are also undressing themselves in emotion. . .