Indian Muslim (Sex Story) | with a tourist | Having Sex | Tourist seduces Guide

With a Muslim Indian Tour Guide
A Muslim tour guide takes the tourist (girl) to many places. They come to visit Nepal. They visit different mountains, lakes, falls, museums, etc. After the whole day climb to the mountain the tourist tries to seduce the Muslim Indian. She requests tourist to stay in a hotel in a room. Muslim Indian says, okay when she insists for very long time.

Both of them stay in the same room, they decide about the next days tour. They talk for very long time. Due to long time upward hill climb, both of them are tired, so the Muslim Indian goes to bed and falls asleep very quickly. But the tourist was willing to have sex with the Indian. So she lies nearby the Indian in a bed and tries to seduce the guide. She touches chest, stomach, lower parts, . . . . She than reach to the penis. She feels the erected penis of the guide. But the guide doesn't response. She tha
n start to touch and rub the penis out of the pant. The penis gets harder and harder. She than inserts her hand into his pant and grabs the penis. This feel wakes the guide. He stops snoring. But eyes are still closed. She than slowly takes off the pant. The guide than raises his hand toward to the tourist and she also allow the man to grab his boobs. The guide than grabs the hard boobs and start rubbing it. The girl takes the panties off.

The guide also takes her clothes off, unbuttons her pants and takes off the pantie. The guide starts fingering. The girl enjoys that very much. She suddenly sucks the guides cock. The guide opens his eyes and in strong emotion he allows her to do so. He also starts fingering very quickly. She squirts in the bed. The guide than gets up and start to fuck the girl in different styles. She enjoys the whole night sex very much. Early in the morning they wake up and and have sex. They, then start their visit to their decided (planned) places.