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I walked into my room and saw my friend already there. I asked him, when did you come? He said just now. He said that, I've found this book in your room. I asked, which one is that? He said me that it is a porn story book. I was surprised. I said, it is impossible. He said, but I've found it in your room. I felt awkward. I said, oh yeah, one of my friend might have forget that here but I hadn't seen that anywhere. He said, but look at it, I found it. I felt really very awkward. He was lying on my bed. I also sat on the bed. He asked me, do you wanna hear a story from this book? I said okay. He than started to tell me from the mid part of the story. He said that, "I'd fucked her twice but she is still not satisfied. Then I used my hand to cum her. I started to rub her pussy by my hand for a long time very quickly. Then she was about to squirt. Then I put my penis in, started to fuck her in very quick motion and than she squirted on my cock."

I said, okay now stop that. I don't wanna hear it any more. Then he showed me a picture. It was really very hot, sexy picture.
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I tried to resist myself but he touched my boobs. I went nervous. I said, okay than, we have to make it quick, mom and dad will be home soon. I got up and closed the door. I started to kiss him. He unbuttoned my shirt and opened my bras. I took off his pants and started to rub his penis. It went wet. He then, took off my pants and panties. We were doing everything very quickly. We started to fuck. I was virgin. It was very painful in the beginning but later on it didn't hurt rather I started to enjoy it. His cock was hot and hard. It was really heavenly pleasure having sex with him. He took out his penis while squirting. As he took out whole cum was all over my body on my boobs. He wiped off his cum off my boobs. He soon dressed up and we again started to kiss. I also dressed up. Then I received a phone call from my dad. He said that both of them, my mom and dad will not come. I then requested him to stay in my room. We than, fucked whole time. More than 10 times. Early in the morning he woke up and fucked me and informed that he was leaving. I asked him, "will you come in my house to have sex when nobody is at home?" He said, yeah sure. He kissed me and left.