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Sucking cock in grassy field
I was only 14 years old when I had my first sex. I was wearing a skirt when I was cutting grass nearby a river. Suddenly, I saw a boy nearby me. He was about my age. Not more that 16. He slowly came nearby me and said that I had put on blue panties. It was silent environment. I asked "really?" and then I lifted up my skirt and looked. And slowly he asked do you want to see mine?? I said, Yes sure. Why not? Please show me. He said, not here. I asked, "then where are you going to show me your panties?"

He said, come into these long bushes and I will show you. I dragged my grass sack into the bushes, so that no one can know that here was a girl cutting grass. He said to me, if you want to see than take off my pants yourselves. Then I unbuttoned his pants and pulled the zipper and dragged his pants lower. There was something hard trying to penetrate his panties. I didn't care what to color was. I'd seen some porn movies in Pushpa's mobile. So, as in the movie I took off his panties. He had long penis. It was thick. I said him that, isn't this very long than others. He asked me, "Have you seen others dick also?". I said, "yeah, I've seen may man urinating nearby this river. I hide in the bush and look at their penis. Once a man came, took off his pants and didn't urinated but started to shake his penis. Slowly a fluid came out of his penis and he put on his pants and went away.

His penis was also not long and this is." Then he smiled and said, "I always use oils and rub it all the time and it remains erect for very long time so it is long and thick." Ohh, I said. and slowly touched his penis. I felt a hot and highly emotional penis. I slowly started to shake it. I then, pulled the outer skin of his penis and saw the head of the penis. I touched the wet head and as I touched a watery fluid came out of it. Then I put that penis into my mouth and started to suck it. He slowly lied down and lied on the bush. I was over him sucking his dick. Very soon he ejaculated. I asked, "isn't it very quick?" Then he slowly came upon me and grabbed my tits. Slowly he unbuttoned my shirts and started to shake my boobs. I was holding his penis. After some time he touched panty. I felt heaven. He than took it off and started fingering slowly. Then after some time he pulled me towards him and inserted his penis into my vagina. It was very difficult and painful. But I was enjoying it more than the pain. So I ignored the pain. He finally inserted his long penis into my vagina and we had wonderful sex. He ejaculated into my vagina. As he took out he penis out of my vagina I saw blood coming out of my pussy. The I realized that I've lost virginity and had bled while it was paining. We've planned to meet next day also.